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What to watch next, part 2/n

What am I looking for? Ideally something I haven't heard of before. Beyond that, not a police procedural or anything like it. I've seen enough of those to never want to watch anything remotely like them again — not for the foreseeable future, anyway. Other than that, what are my inclinations?

If I were trying out a show entirely on my own, I might try something I strongly expect not to like just to see if it's right. With other people involved I'm less inclined to do that.

Coming off InuYasha, I'm inclined to watch something less Battle of Good and Evil. Maybe something low key (post-)apocalyptic? Maybe something mid- or post-civilizational-collapse-y? Battle against bureaucracy? Maybe something like Log Horizon (which I've never seen)? Or something mildly screwed-up and mind-gamey, like Death Note. I'd like to find a show with an active protagonist, someone who has plans and interests other than "stop (bad guy)." Alternatively, on a totally different note, maybe creepy cutesy things or creepy children. If I had to have one of the two, it's the long-term planning.