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To plan or not to plan what to watch next?

My family does a weekly TV/movie night. Next time we're going to finish Inuyasha: The Final Act. That means we have to find something else to watch.

Do we pick the next thing in advance, or do we pick it the night of? Picking it in advance is nice in one way because we don't have to deal with picking something, which has some amount of friction. Picking it the night of is nice in another way because we don't have time to build up any expectations, either dread or excitement or boredom, about what we will watch next. There's less room to be disappointed and more room to be surprised.

I am hoping to pick something we haven't been recommended. I read and watch a lot of things that I've been recommended and I usually like them. This is predictable. I get bored of it. I want to try bad things. I want to see what might be surprisingly good.