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resisting impressiveness

resist impressiveness. what is a need to impress anyway except underconfidence?

i've thought about impressiveness before. i noted then:

remember the meme — people talk about iq, gpa when they have nothing better to talk about.

i was talking about bragging about academic achievements. however, an insidious thought comes: you could apply this logic to any achievement. (and why not? why shouldn't i do it?) if you brag about dedication, it's because you can't brag about your impact. if you are bragging about your vibes, or art, it's because you have no practical achievement to speak of. if you are bragging about your technical skills, it's because you have no aesthetic achievement to speak of.

the idea of impressiveness puts me in the mindset of appealing to an impossible skeptic. i am pretty good at playing the impossible skeptic, so this is a dangerous game to play.

it's funny, isn't it. because even if you have both sides of an equation, you can only talk about one at once. in some contexts it frequently only makes sense to emphasize one of them. also: who couldn't you nickel-and-dime this way? i see no limits... which suggests this is an incomplete or broken pattern.

oh well. we'll get 'em next time.