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a birdie

i have no idea what to do with this thing

why do i even have this

why did i make this

what was the point

a modern-day rss reader?

a conduit for conversation?


bad habits say rss reader.

conversation could be fun, and sounds like an excessive amount of work right now. i'm already overdoing it a little on finding things to do.

i don't even want to look at the damn thing.

i did anyway.

hey, i think i cured my interest in scrolling! kind of. lol.

what the hell is a conversation in text? i think i used to know.

i am making an awfully big deal out of this. what was that about enjoying the roundness?

a weird thing: "see new tweets" but it's just showing me more accounts i could follow, as if i needed more. it's showing like four or five of them by now. why.

oh man they actually just keep coming

is this a hint i need to tweet something? it would make more sense to reply. they are not exactly making it easier by adding 6 screen heights of recommended accounts.

consider just writing something?

reminder that bird site is actual public. here is technically public. i'm not stopping anyone at the door. but also not advertising.


man, it is so much easier to overthink it in actual public. guess that makes it an opportunity to practice not doing that.

ok i got bored.