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Notes as exhaust

I have probably over forty small pages of notes from Ultraspeaking. It's too many. I've referred back to them at most three or four times total so far. I don't expect to refer back many more times.

I find most notes are like this. I write them and that's the benefit. I don't want or need to read them later. 80% of everything I write, I never read. Notebook posts, school notebooks, all of it.

I still keep them, though.

It's useful to decide what to throw away, but I avoid it. If I don't look at my notes I don't have to think about what to throw away. I don't have to think about what I lost, what doesn't make sense anymore. I don't have to admit I don't remember.

I'm working through the notes now. Feels good to toss what I don't and don't care to understand, to be okay with that.