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Inuyasha wraps up its arcs

(spoilers for Inuyasha, of course.)

Something I like about Inuyasha: The Final Act is that it is actually wrapping up the series' long-running arcs. It finished Kagura's story. It finally killed Kikyo. (Yes, again, but as far as I can tell for good this time.) It put Koga on a bus by taking away his jewel shards. It killed Kanna. They resolved the mystery of Tenssaiga—where did it come from and why did Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father give it to Sesshomaru? That's been resolved. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's rivalry looks like it's going to be wrapped up or have some major development. It looks like Rin's story might get wrapped up by the end. Of course there's an implicit promise that the end will wrap up the main plot. But it is looking like many of the other long-running plotlines will get wrapped up along the way instead of being left dangling. It's nice that there's a whole season here just to wrap things up.