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Hours is a long time

I've been thinking lately about natural curiosity and "what could you talk for hours about?" It's not a long list. It's even shorter if I actually have to remember things about those topics. It includes:

  1. Fiction?
  2. Biographies of early 20th century mathematicians, except I don't remember any of the details.
  3. Some other kinds of history, maybe? I noticed I got excited when a friend mentioned John Dee.
  4. Fighting games?
  5. Maybe grounding statistics?

I am far from confident I could talk about any of these subjects for hours, though. Hours is a long time. At least two and maybe three or more. Are there people that talk about one thing for that long? How do they continue to find more to say about it?

It has occurred to me I might just interpreting "something you could talk for hours about" in a counterproductively precise way. And, yep, that could definitely be. But I wonder, if it exists, if I am not being overly precise, what that thing might be.