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Toward a John Smith group blog/blog aggregator

Here is an interesting art project idea, free to whoever wants it: The John Smith group blog. You've heard of topical group blogs. This is just a group blog by people named John Smith. Preferably, all people named John Smith, but that might be a tall order; in any case the more the merrier.

(This could also be a blog aggregator, which would still be interesting, but less so because that requires less coordination across arbitrary parties and differences. In either case barriers to entry/listing should also be as low as possible: Again, the more the merrier.)

The name doesn't actually have to be John Smith, but should be as common as possible. Ideally it should be a maximally common blogger name at the time of founding/creation. Expanding that out: Every blogger has a name (call it \(E\)), and for every name there is a number of bloggers that have that name at any given time, which number might be zero. We'll define \(N(E)\) to be the number of bloggers with name \(E\). Ideally the groupblog/blog aggregator should be based on some name \(E\) such that for every other name \(F\), we have \(N(E) \geq N(F)\).

(This isn't strictly a string substitution into the definition of maximal but it should be equivalent to such a definition in this case because we're ordering names by integer-valued counts, which makes every pair of names comparable.)

Make this a little better defined as follows. Limit the counting to people with a first name-last name structure and aggregate on that first name-last name pair. That is, define "same name" to mean "same first name and same last name." So David D. Friedman is aggregated together with any other blogging David Friedmans out there, for example.

This seems fun because names are sort of arbitrary. I'd expect this blog to be not quite a uniform random sample but interesting in sort of the same way a uniform random aggregation of blogs, or a uniformly randomly-formed groupblog, might be.

This feels like something that might already exist. I'd be interested to see it if it does.