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Too much

I'm looking through the ideas section in my Workflowy and it's too much. There must be, after cleaning up, still about fifty immediate child bullets in that section. Included are:

  1. Questions I have, or had.
  2. Random observations.
  3. Jokes.
  4. Scraps of writing that sound good but don't stand alone. Phrases.
  5. Things I thought of once that seemed interesting.
  6. Ephemeral thoughts.
  7. Interesting themes around which something could maybe coalesce (but right now I only have one example of that theme, which is linked or described right here...).

That's not to mention even the links section in my Workflowy.

Most of these do not fit nicely into an organizing scheme. They're one-offs. They're interesting and they kind of connect to things but not in any neat way.

The questions especially are hard. They're more curiosity-driven than anything, but I don't to make a big mound of Unanswered Yet Interesting Questions. That just feels like a bad idea. Like a recipe for guilt. On the other hand I don't want to just delete them...