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To solve review avoidance, declare review amnesty?

I find I don't always keep up with my long-term (monthly, quarterly, yearly) reviews in Intend, and I think review amnesty might help.

I tend to avoid the long term reviews. One reason (of at least two) is that I feel bad about not having had/made time for goal X, say: Buying a car. I would reflect on goals mainly in terms of what went wrong. Why didn't I do [the thing], and how can I make sure that next time I do [the thing]? The assumption is that I should have done the thing and now I'm behind. The question is, what should I do now so that I do the things I should have already done? That orientation means I avoid doing the review and facing the too-much-stuff and the not-enough-done, so it defeats itself.

Maybe the solution is to declare review amnesty. That is, take the attitude with myself that I am absolved of guilt for whatever I thought to myself I would do and then didn't do. Take the attitude that not doing things is perfectly fine and normal and okay, and potentially even preferable. So, take it as okay I didn't do these things.

I wonder what reviewing is like under amnesty? If I'm not asking what went wrong, then what is the question I do want to ask?

Something to think about.