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Three ways of appearing

We are apparitions in each others' lives. I arise in other people's experience for a time. Later, their experience of me dissolves. It may arise and dissolve again, or it may not. The same is true for my experience of others.

I see at least three ways of appearing. In caricature:

  1. Chaotic. Doing things without regard for appearance, because there is no awareness of the fact or possibility of appearing. This may be threatening.
  2. Inoffensive. Deliberately avoiding being an upsetting appearance.
  3. Charming. Attempting in addition to be a good appearance.
  4. Spacious. Simply being, with the awareness of being an appearance.

Probably there's more to this that I'm missing.

I like the idea of being a charming apparition. I like the phrase. It's ghostly. It also reifies the appearing, which is not ideal. It would make a good meme, though, one with ghosts in it.