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Suspending judgment vs. "personal quirks are useful"

In "There are no spiritual problems," David Chapman writes about how a tantric worldview is different from a sutric one. There are two aspects here that I'm struggling with: "Experience is mixed," but "you can enjoy everything." Specifically:

A tantrika recognizes that experience is a mixture of pleasure and pain...

and yet:

According to tantra, it is possible to enjoy everything.

Nothing in the world can be objectively bad, because there is no external standard to measure it against. “Good” and “bad” are judgements based only on what you happen to like and dislike. Tantra trains you to suspend such judgement.

Enjoying seems to imply pleasure, and enjoying everything would seem to contradict that "experience is a mixture of pleasure and pain." Am I missing something?

I think what I'm missing is that I'm implicitly assuming that enjoying means pleasure without pain. If that's so — then maybe enjoying means adding pleasure to pain. That could be for example a pleasure of pain. That interpretation seems workable and to resolve the apparent contradiction well enough for now.