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A rabid ontological terrorist

I'm listening to a Rob Burbea talk, and I noticed the pacing, tone, accent sounded familiar. The pacing especially. The sound and the whole tone of the talk makes me think: Here's a rabid ontological terrorist.

Rob's big idea in this talk echoes the three parts I read of Seeing That Frees. It's all about that emptiness. It's all about fabrication. He's very insistent on that. And as with the book, he's got a lot of questions about assumptions we are making. Unfortunately I didn't write them down and I'm not eager to dig through the hour to find them, they weren't all in one place. Probably I don't want to know what they are right now.

What's there that's not there in, say, Meaningness? There's something, probably. But right now I don't see what. The idea that there's no objective eternal purpose-free context-free univeral ontology is fine, but I want to say — so what? That's unfair, I get the sense that there is more there. But in retrospect I can't pin down what.