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Searching for a story I remember reading

Yesterday and today I've been searching for a story I remember reading. It was in some meditation context, maybe a website or a podcast or a book. It was about a student or translator talking to a lama. Somehow they got talking about something like self-compassion. The lama was confused why you would need to practice that vs. compassion toward others. The student said, many westerners hate themselves. There was some extra discussion around this.

I can't remember specifically where it was. I swear it was an Aro book, but I couldn't find it in Roaring Silence, Entering the Heart of the Sun and Moon, Rays of the Sun, Dangerous Friend, or E-mailing the Lamas from Afar. I couldn't find it on the Aro website, either. I couldn't find it in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism or The Myth of Freedom when I checked from the index. I couldn't find it when I skimmed through The Magic of Vajrayana. I couldn't find it on Vividness.live or Vajrayna Now. I couldn't find it in the Happy Yogis Discord. That's a lot of places it's not.

Where haven't I checked? It probably wasn't in Seeing That Frees or the Rob Burbea talks I listened to. I don't think it was in any of the four podcast interviews with Ken McLeod that I listened to, but it might have been. It might have been in Already Free, but I don't remember any such stories in that book. Maybe Tracts of the Sun? That's the most likely option, but there's not much space in there for an extended story. Maybe in the introduction...