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The ugh of meditating in the winter

It was 40 degrees out this morning when I meditated indoors, in a room with I suspect semi-functional insulation. I doubt it's 40 degrees but it might be 55.

I don't like to get up when it's cold. I'll often stay in bed where it's warm-ish for as long as possible. I knew this already.

I find meditating in this mild cold uncomfortable. The blanket I use when meditating isn't thick enough to keep warm. There's a sense of weight in my ribs and pressure on my chest, not to mention the shivering. [I think I have this with cold water in the shower also—not to mention the shock of the sudden change in temperature.] It's something to feel into and get used to.

This surprised me. I think of myself as "liking the winter" compared with the summer. It's nice because I can do something about cold without bothering anyone. Grab a jacket. Get a blanket. If I'm cold, I can warm up, with no need to adjust the thermostat. It makes sense then that I would have a habit of distracting myself from engaging with the experience of cold, but I wouldn't have guessed it.

I've also never heard of seasonal challenges to meditation. Now that I think of it, obviously they exist, even now with indoor heating. I remember having a lot more thoughts during practice last winter, after eight months of regular practice, than I'd had in the lead-up to winter. I wonder if this partly explains why that was.

Food for practice.