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Prompts that go stale

I write down a lot of prompts for myself. Sometimes these are quotes from tweets I saw or books or blog posts I read that I think get at something interesting. Some are headlines or snippets shown on Firefox's "new tab" page. Some are quotes from videos I watched.

I wrote down about 14 such prompts today. That's a lot of prompts. I'm probably not going to get to more than two or three of them today, or realistically ever. There's too much to write about.

All of these seem like good ideas the day of, but I have to prioritize — I say. Some of them are going to end up backlogged forever. It's not because I couldn't get something out of writing about them. And — it's also not exactly that I don't want to. I wrote them down because I wanted to. But there's some degree of ambivalence there.

I could plan to write just a sentence about each thing. Would that be worthwhile? I'm suspicious. It seems a little too convenient somehow, like it shouldn't be that easy. And also frustrating, because then I have to file things or else there's a mess or an Unconsolidated Lump of History behind me.