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Quantity matters in a dream list

I made a dream list recently as part of an exercise and found that the target number of items matters a lot, with some conditions. The Beyond Goals Intensive (share/'affiliate' link) in the provided prep materials has an exercise about coming up with a list of things you might want to do, be, have, etc. with a suggested target being to come up with 10-100 items—in this exercise, "ideally at least 50." These items don't have to be physically possible—some may be purely inspirational. I've done this exercise before but not often. I reviewed the description and got started earlier this week.

I set myself a target number of items and got to work, but soon ran into a problem. I wanted to come up with at least 50 items, and ideally 100. However, I noticed after the first dozen or so that I was coming up with a lot of "Learn X items." I made an agreement with myself around the 36th item that I wouldn't pad things out by including 20 variations on "Learn X." I padded things out that way last time I did the exercise and it rendered the list hard to sort through. The problem was that these entries were far too abstract (broad) to distinguish. Instead, I wanted to focus on brainstorming goals grounded in an experience or action.

I reached (and exceeded) the 100 item target today, and having denied myself the luxury of padding, quantity mattered. I came up with several desires worth considering which I think I would have failed to write down and seriously consider if I hadn't needed to reach the 100 items mark. Quantity matters.