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Considering superficial features your guest likes is not enough?

Thinking more about "Consider your guest": Considering superficial features your guest likes seems not enough. This is another reason that considering your guest is hard. The first thing that comes to mind will be the surface level things they like or don't like. For example: "They like gore and conspiracy theories," or "they like vampires," or "they like trucks." This is not likely to be enough for two reasons:

  1. You can have the surface thing without the deeper meaning behind it, which meaning is the thing your guest was actually responding to.
  2. "5 most prominent surface preferences" is a target that changes all the time.

I think the resolution here is: Starting with the surface stuff is useful, and you have to go deeper to figure out what's underneath. If you can find the reason they like the thing, you can more reliably create something your "guest" will like.