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Marketing junk

Three things:

  1. Consider your guest. Those people who can give you what you want — figure out what they want and work to give it to them.
  2. Get crispy. Find a specific niche.
  3. More specific to "self as product": Be earnest.

Do these things make sense together? I wonder.

Earnestness seems like it should conflict with consider your guest as a product strategy. Earnestness says, do what you're doing but "more." Consider your guest seems to say, stop doing what you're doing and do the thing they want you to do. Dance, monkey!

For Amy Hoy in Just Fucking Ship, "Consider your guest" seems to be a product strategy as much as a marketing strategy. It's not just how do you tell people about the thing you made, it's about what you choose to make in the first place. In other words, the strategy is "make a thing other people will like."

One way "Consider your customer" is hard to think about is that "your guest" and "your product" co-define each other. If you don't already have an obvious pool of guests, it's hard to imagine what they would want. If you don't already have a somewhat specific product in mind, well, any particular guest wants lots of things.