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Compassion includes achievement

A quote from E-Mailing the Lamas from Afar, email "something of a big deal." The questioner is asking about compassion, given "the exciting new term: changchub sem (byang chub sems — or bodhicitta)." In Ngak'chang Rinpoche and Khandro Dechen's response, Ngak'chang Rinpoche says:

A letter is too short a space to give a full answer to this – but we will merely offer a brief glossary of terms which offer indications as to what changchub sem might mean: achievement, admiration, affability, appreciation, aspiration, boldness, bravery, chivalry, civility, commitment, confidence, consideration, courageousness, courtesy, daring, decency, decorum, dedication, delight, dependability, determination, devotion, dignity, elation, enchantment, enjoyment, etiquette, fidelity, gallantry, graciousness, happiness, heroism, honesty, honour, intrepidity, joy, loyalty, noblesse oblige, persistence, pleasure, politeness, reliability, resoluteness, respect, steadfastness, valour and wonder – to name but a few.

The full email is worth reading from the book. (The whole book is.) But I thought it's interesting how much else 'compassion' could mean. I wouldn't have expected many of these: achievement, appreciation and aspiration? Boldness, bravery, courageousness? Decorum? Enchantment? Dependendability? Valor? Wonder? Dedication and determination? Delight? Another exchange suggests "communication—fierce, florid and fecund..." Lots of variation here.