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They said meditation meant boredom. I didn't believe them.


  1. Aro e-mail course. "After the boredom, more boredom." Email 28.
  2. The Aro e-mails collection. "Here's to boredom!"
  3. In this post, David Chapman wrote that: "Like Dzogchen, shi-ne is difficult because it’s “too close, too accessible, too present, and too simple.” To satirize a bit, the complete instructions are: “Just sit, doing nothing in particular, until you find you are familiar with emptiness. Then you can move on to the second naljor, in order to skip tantra as well.”"
  4. The Myth of Freedom has a whole six-page or so section on boredom, and how at first you think you are not bored.
  5. Implicitly, a mentor I'm corresponding with through the Aro mentors program.

They were right. It's no cool mountain stream, though, the idea Trungpa wrote about. It's just boring.

Here's to boredom?