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Yuppie Psycho's delightful Mr. Swery

Mr. Swery (in his cubicle): "Do you know Forrest Kaysen's number theory?"

(Minor spoilers for Yuppie Psycho.)

I love Mr. Swery from Yuppie Psycho. He's a delightful bright spot in a wasteland of an office building. He's the "ayy lmao" of this game.

Mr. Swery lives in a gruesome, dangerous, and surreal world. Monsters, blood, and rotting corpses fill the building. He lives in his cubicle because nobody can leave the building. Mutated HR staff with mouths for heads patrol the floor once a month, spitting acid on people for fun.

With his coworkers' help, Mr. Swery converted his cubicle into a refuge from this hellscape. You can find him there in the Hive on floor four. It's brightly lit with an American-ish flag, pennants, framed photos, a TV, a vending machine, and a radio. And of course there's cheery Mr. Swery himself and his stuffed monkey, Sharapova. It's cozy.

He's living in a nightmare and he's okay with that. It's not that he wants to live in a nightmare, like everyone else he'd rather not, thanks — but he's okay with it. He's not pretending things are as he'd like them to be. He's not dissociating from reality to fantasize about a better one — though clearly he can imagine one, because he's created a slightly better one with his coworkers' help. He's not dissociating to escape reality. He's just here.

Mr. Swery: "I don't know either, and I've seen them all!"
After watching a surreal episode of a TV show with Swery, the game's protagonist, Brian, comments that he doesn't understand what's going on because he hasn't watched the rest of the show.

He's okay with not making sense. He's chilling, watching bizarre TV shows he doesn't understand. He's okay with not understanding them. He chats with you about a weird numerology some dead philosopher came up with and wrote down before killing himself. It doesn't change much, but that's okay, because Swery finds it interesting. It doesn't have to make sense.

Mr. Swery lives in an insane world and does what he can to make things better. Good for him.