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When rereading a story draft for editing, write down what's in your head about the scene

Do you forget to specify the setting when writing a scene? Consider checking for that in editing. Sounds obvious, and it works. I found myself doing this the other day while rereading a story I'd written a while back. I would underline, among other things, the point where I explicitly set the scene. For example: An offhand reference to "this park." I noticed half the scenes were missing a clear indication of where they happen.

Setting is the main one, but plot and character significance also seem useful to check. Generally while rereading for editing, I considered and often wrote down, as marks in the margins of the paper, the things that are in your head about what is going on, including what is supposed to be subtext as well as things that might be on the page somewhere. I was then able to go back and fill in whatever is not part of the story text where that made sense. Besides setting, in paying attention like this I also found that one of the characters could be read as a jerk rather than as being supportive as I'd intended. From there I could and did add some more explicit signals in the intended direction — and maybe that will work to make the scene clearer.