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What does "earning trust" look like?

Thinking about The Tiny MBA and specifically the bits about earning trust. How does one actually earn trust as a writer, programmer, etc.? What does that look like more concrete? Some ideas:

  1. Say "I will do X" and then do X, where X is helpful. Example: "I will have the blah chart done by the end of the week," and then have it done by the end of the week. See also.
  2. Offer X and have it be received as X. Example: Offer "An explainer about why people use e-mail marketing," have it be received as such. If it instead reads like an advertisement, that's trust lost, not gained.
  3. When someone asks a question, if you can help, do. You don't have to answer it if you can't, pointing them to the right place or person also helps.