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Tunnel vision

If tunnel vision made a sound, it would sound like this.

In unrelated news: I have been playing a lot of Vampire Survivors. When I'm not playing, about half the time I'm thinking about playing. I'm thinking about what I'm going to do the next time I play. Maybe I'll finish my run with the Song of Mana character, get her to level 50 so I can claim her card. (Died at level 49! Aaargh! Hurry mode...) Maybe I'll play Lama and unlock that curse passive. Maybe I'll try to fight the Sketamari in The Bone Zone. Maybe...

What's funny is that it is so specific, and yet slightly flexible. If I could play Vampire Survivors all day I'd probably be doing that. Since I have to work I have instead been getting tunnel vision around that. I have one specific script that I'm working on and today I had tunnel vision around getting it to produce exactly the output that I want. This looks like sitting and banging my head on it for hours with few breaks. But I did finally get it to look mostly like I want!

This feels a bit deranged.

Am I slipping out of it now? I didn't launch into playing immediately after work, and I took the time to write this post, so... maybe?