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Too many ideas vs. no ideas

A long time ago, maybe a year back, I dumped a ton (maybe 50 or 100?) idea bullets into WorkFlowy. Some are questions, some are experiments, some are ideas to explore creatively. There are a lot of good ideas there, good questions.

I've got another long list of ideas that's even older, a big Google Doc of fiction ideas. It's enormous, 52,000 words right now. I called it, of course, "Small ideas."

It's funny: Having "too many ideas" feels a lot like having "no ideas." I get picky. I say, well that one's not really what I want to write right now. That one's kind of boring. Oh no, that one's too good, I have to save it for later when I'm good, or for when I know more. This one's no good at all, who will want to read it? These same thoughts come up whether I have "too many ideas" or "no ideas."