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Thinking about decks: Draw

Inspired by the previous post, I'm starting to think about deckbuilding questions in the context of Slay the Spire. Specifically I'm thinking about draw, inspired by things I've seen on the wiki and probably the Overthinking Everything Discord.

Why do you want draw and when is it good or bad? Some considerations:

  1. The most important: Do you have cards you want to draw? If not, you don't need draw cards. Duh, but you don't need to worry about lacking them later – if you need them then probably you'll be able to get them. Prepared might still be worth taking, since it's cheap and doesn't hurt too badly to draw, but a card like Acrobatics probably isn't if you don't have anything to draw yet as then it's just a drain on energy.
  2. Assuming you have cards you want to draw, will you have the energy to play them after playing this card? For Prepared this isn't a concern because it's zero-cost (ignoring Snecko Eye). This matters more for Acrobatics. Cards that give you energy like Flying Knee, Outmaneuver, Tactician, and Concentrate can help with this as can artifacts like Sozu.

Is that it? Definitely not, but a good enough place for me to start thinking about draw.

(Writing this post, and specifically looking up Sozu, reminded me I don't use potions much. I should probably do that more.)