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The curse of irony

"This, but ironically" makes sense regardless of context, and it's corrosive to meaning. I don't even have to say it. Just noticing that I could say it, just thinking it to myself, suddenly I'm a little bit detached from experience. Now I've thought that, I've got a thought-story going where I am too smart and cynical to take this seriously, whatever it is.

I could always find something to make fun of, and this reminds me of haters are the best fans—because it is a kind of engagement. It is just a shitty, way of kind engaging. It feels terrible.

I had this the other day with a video game. There was a sense that this is too cute and simple, so I will not take it seriously, because that would contradict my sense of myself as smart and cynical. I wanted to find something wrong with it. I wanted to be able to say, for example, get a load of this terrible dialog.

Fortunately, I think it's not an all-consuming thought. I wanted to look for something terrible in the game, but I knew the making-fun-of would be unsatisfying and so I didn't look very hard. But the repeating thoughts this is not me and I could find something if I looked I found annoying.

That's the curse of irony.