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taking my time

i read a quote recently, implicitly in the 'domain of creativity,' that said: "execute your ideas as quickly as possible, before you have a chance to get addicted to their potential." it reminds me of "speak before you think" from an ultraspeaking context. it's an attitude that's worth keeping on hand.

writing here is a little funny, because i can take my time. there is no fixed hard real-time pressure to produce. there is only my thought of i'd like to write once a day. which matters, and i respect for myself. it is a little more abstract though than the showtime of "there is someone right here right now and you are speaking to them."

another phrase in this space: "now or never." also: enjoy the roundness.

writing in a text chat often has this odd texture of not feeling the time pressure even though timeliness does matter a little bit. it's somehow too abstract to feel it — i know vaguely that "things will move on" and i have still sometimes found myself "aiming for perfection" until the moment's past.

good thing i'll never do that again!