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Puppy project management

We're getting a puppy soon. (Deliberately vague about we.) This is a project that has in many other contexts failed. I'd like if in this context it went right. For the last month or so I've been trying to lay the foundations for that:

  1. We've been watching puppy training videos twice a week related to problems we've noticed in other contexts.
  2. We've been taking notes on those videos.
  3. I typed up my notes into a Google Doc and shared it. This is part of our Big Plan Doc.
  4. I have started us on writing up a Big Plan Doc of what we are committing to: What daily/24-hour schedule, what are we teaching, how, ground rules for dealing with the puppy.
  5. Generally, the goal with this plan is to negotiate, specify, and reach agreement on all the dirty logistical details, like "So and so will be responsible for the dog. So and so will use the Blub App to set an 'every fifteen minutes timer' when doing this distracting activity so that they remember to check on the dog."
  6. I am going to bring up the idea of implementing weekly 30-minute (maximum) reviews of the plan. Whatever's not working — whatever details we aren't following, or tried to follow and it didn't work. Also what is working that we like, to keep things a little bit positive.

We'll see how it goes.