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Outlining the "On Writing" part of On Writing

I want to outline the sections from the third part of On Writing, the one called "On Writing." This is the part that's specific to fiction. I'll give brief summaries of each section and page numbers for the starts.

The list:

  1. Read a lot. Also no TV (if modernized: no social media?). 145.
  2. Write a lot. 151.
  3. Where to read and write. 155.
  4. What to write? Whatever you want "as long as you tell the truth." Truth of heart and imagination counts. 157.
  5. Against plot. Situation. Story as fossil. A writing exercise. 163.
  6. Description. 173.
  7. Dialogue. 180.
  8. Characters. Paying attention to real people. 189.
  9. Symbolism and "getting fancy." 195.
  10. Theme. Wait til after the first draft. 200.
  11. Revising. How much, how many drafts, and why. Ideal Reader. 208.
  12. Pacing and backstory. 220.
  13. Research. Do it after the first draft. 227.
  14. Writing classes, seminars, retreats. Don't. Interruptions aren't a problem. 231.
  15. Getting an agent. 237.
  16. Wrap up. 248.

This is coarse. Stephen swerves topics like the van that hit him swerves. It should be pretty close.