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Inspiration is a funny thing. I read Worm and loved it. I could talk about different qualities that I loved. When it comes to am I inspired by this, there are a few different senses you could mean:

  1. It made me feel strong emotions — yes.
  2. I liked it — yes.
  3. I'd like to make something like that in some sense — yes, but critical question is in what sense? and I don't have an answer to that.
  4. I aspire to make something like that in some sense — if I am honest, no, not today.
  5. It gives me an idea — once upon a time! but not actively as I sit here far away without reading it, maybe if I read it again — but I very rarely reread stories. Maybe that is why I don't feel inspired in this sense. The memory alone is not enough.

Parts (3-5) seem to require developing taste — not just in the sense of what do I like, but specifically what about that do I like and why? Maybe answering that question is one way of working in the inspiration mines.