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I could unsubscribe

But will I? Will I? Will this be the time?

This e-mail is okay. It's not great. It's not what I need, because it's describing steps I can't actually take right now, because I don't have the prerequisites. And even if I did I'm not sure I'd want to in the way that it describes. Sounds manipulative! Damn marketers. They ruined marketing.

It's inoffensive. It probably doesn't deserve an unsubscribe.

But what about all the other ones? What about the one that unironically used the word "upsell" in a positive way? What about the others that just didn't fit? What about the "adjust to your interests" survey and the way it did not have my interests on it? What about the way every option there seemed to connote the wrong thing as opposed to what I want?

Yeah, that's Not Great.

Oh well. Another chance. It can't be all that bad, right?

Maybe I will reply.