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How to automate oil early game in Dyson Sphere Program

Because I found it confusing that there are no pipes:

  1. Connect an oil extractor to an oil refinery with belts and a sorter.[1]
  2. Use sorters with custom filters[2] to pull resources out and put them on belts. You'll end up with one belt for hydrogen and one for refined oil.
  3. At this stage, refined oil goes to a chemical fabricator to make sulfur. You'll need also need to belt in stone and water. You can get water from a water pump in the same way you get oil from oil. The water pump can go in any old pond and it doesn't matter which.
  4. Hydrogen goes to make graphene and/or energy cubes. Probably energy cubes. Energy cubes also require graphite, made by combining two pieces of coal in an auto-fabricator. This should be easy enough to set up.
  5. You may want to set up storage tank loopbacks to hold on to fluids. This lets you hold them for later use, and also lets you keep processing stuff earlier in the chain even if you can't use all the products. (I'm thinking of crude oil → hydrogen + refined oil mainly — I use way more hydrogen than I use refined oil!)
    1. Storage tank loopbacks are easy — you just send your belt past the machine that needs the fluid, into a storage tank, then make a belt out of the storage tank that feeds back into the original belt upstream of where it feeds the machine.

  1. Yes, belts. There are no pipes even though there are liquid tanks — you feed storage tanks with belts and pull stuff out the same way. ↩︎

  2. After clicking on the refinery to set the source for the sorter, then press left/right arrow key to set the filter. ↩︎