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Grim Dawn: What does Mogdrogen's Pact do?

Mogdrogen's Pact is a buff to yourself as well as all allies and pets (maybe including other's pets?) in a 12 meter radius. You toggle it on. Here's what it does:

  1. Increase physical damage by a flat amount. (I'm not sure how this works; does this only apply to basic attacks made with physical weapons? If I buff an arcanist with Mogdrogen's Pact, do their abilities deal this flat physical damage? What about when the arcanist does a basic magic attack using a staff?)
  2. For pets only, increase physical damage by a percentage.
  3. Grant flat health and energy regen.
  4. With Heart of the Wild, also increase health by a percentage, increase health regen by a percentage, and reduce poison and bleeding duration.
  5. With Oak Skin, also increase defensive ability (flat), armor (flat), pierce and aether resistance, and retaliation damage.

So: Mostly defensive and regenerative abilities, but some small improvements to physical damage.