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Did you give the spoon back?

I am too lazy tonight to say much about this passage from Guards! Guards! other than it's another good one:

"She's all right, is Lady Sybil. A real lady."

The other two guards turned and stared at him. This was Nobby talking.

"You two can bloody well stop that," he said. "Why shouldn't I know a lady when I sees one? She gave me a cup of tea in a cup fin as paper and a silver spoon in it," he said, speaking as one who had peeped over the plateau of social distinction. "And I gave it back to her, so you can stop looking at me like that!"

"What is it that you actually do on your evenings off?" said Colon.

"No business of yours."

"Did you really give the spoon back?" said Carrot.

"Yes I bloody well did!" said Nobby hotly.

Unkind of Carrot to ask, but not unfair. This is Corporal Nobby Nobs, who is not known for his deep commitment to honesty.